The Hub hosts programs in four areas: hubLEAD, hubSCHOOL, hubWORKS, and hubARTS. You can find more information through the navigation bare or by downloading the program guide.


OPEN HOURS – We host open hours at the Hub every day from 3-8pm. This is the time when kids can come and hang out with other teens and make friends! You can play video games, board games, read, play basketball…there’s a lot to do at The Hub.

HUB COIN – At The Hub Teen Center, everything you do can help you win some pretty sweet gift cards. You heard us right – everything. Just walking in the door can get you closer to a gift card. We call this “Hub Coin,” and it’s pretty simple: the more you do, the more you win.

Here’s how it works: every activity at The Hub will get you some Hub Coin. You can earn coins for following us on social media, for playing video games, and even for just checking in! If you participate in one of our hub programs, you’ll earn MAJOR coin, same if you invite a new friend to try The Hub!

You can win bonuses by setting Hub streaks or completing cool challenges – the possibilities are endless! You can use our Hub coins to get gift cards. If you save you Hub points, you can get some pretty sweet stuff!

So here’s all you have to do to get started. First, sign up for Hub Coin. You can do it right here. It’s free and easy to sign up. Then, just start doing stuff. Take classes, play video games, invite friends, and show up every time you can. For a complete listing of the Hub Coin prizes and points – stop by the check-in desk. Remember: the more you do, the more you win!

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