The HubWORKS Program allows students to gain experience in the work field and develop employable skills.

Because the majority of the teens that attend The Hub are full time students, it is difficult to find work experience and develop soft skills. Because of this, The HubWORKS programs offers multiple opportunities for students in this area.

Currently, we offer a job training program that works with teens for interviewing and  resume building. The program also gives them hands-on experience for developing their customer service skills by working at the Hub cafe and/or front desk as an intern.



time: Monday 4-5:30pm
contact: Ben Redmond (
hub coin: 100 per session

This program is designed to help young people develop the skills necessary to get and keep a job. The Hub will provide relevant training on soft skills as well as mock interviews. At the end of the program, each young person who is old enough to work will be assisted in scheduling a first interview.


time: Wednesday & Thursday, 4-6pm/5-7pm
contact: Ben Redmond (
hub coin: 100 per session

The perfect opportunity for you to get some practical work experience in one of our simulated work environments. You will work with a team on a project that gives you the opportunity to practice teamwork, showing up on time, and following through on tasks.

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