HubNation is an initiative launched by The Hub Teen Center with the focus of inviting kids, teens and adults to participate together in active moments that promote health and fun all while supporting the work of The Hub Teen Center.

Joining HubNation

Joining HubNation is simple: wear our gear! When you wear our jersey or shirt while you train, compete, or participate in other activities it means you support the mission of the Hub Teen Center .

You can check out our gear and order it here:

HubNation Events

Here are a few events that you can get involved with. Check back for updates!

Updated: March 9, 2020

  • Stroller Derby: a family-friendly, HubLaps 5k for kids, teens, and adults to support the Hub Teen Center Teen Moms program. Non-competitive.
  • Dirt Church: Join us for a hike at MacCready Reserve. Family friendly, non-competitive. More details to come!
  • HubLaps: The Hub version of short course semi-competitive and competitive XCountry running/walking and mountain biking at local parks in our area. Competitive. 
  • Competitive Events: Racing a 5k, marathon, bike race, or other competitive event this year? Join the HubNation by wearing our gear, and promoting the mission of the Hub Teen Center.
  • Shortcut Camp: a guided, one day HubNation event that will shortcut the hard stuff and prepare everything that you need for a fun overnight experience with one of your kids. If you can pack a backpack, you’re ready for shortcut camp.  

A special thanks goes to Andrew Hoffman at NeighborLink in Fort Wayne, IN. Neighborlink is a great non-profit that supports volunteerism within communities. 

He has been an awesome support to our work at the Hub Teen Center, and provided motivation and encouragement to our work on HubNation. Check out their work at and



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