The Hub Leader program equips teens to face and work with real issues of the world.

The Hub offers an amazing leadership experience that equips teenagers to make a difference in real issues facing their world.

The Hub works to offer a great program to help teenagers become innovators, inventors, and problem solvers in the world.

By putting together teams of interested students they are given the opportunity to be paired with successful entrepreneurs in our Jackson community that will help them bring their creative idea to life. By helping teams with brainstorming. developing, and executing creative ideas it teaches students the step-by-step process of entrepreneurship.



time: Tuesday, 4-5:30pm
contact: Ben Redmond (
hub coin: 100 per session

Launch gives you the opportunity to develop practical leadership skills. This program focuses on knowing yourself, leading yourself, leading your friends, and changing your world.


time: Thursday, 5-6pm
contact: Ben Redmond (
hub coin: 100 per session

If you have ever wanted to start your own business, create your own product, or become an entrepreneur, this is your opportunity! In this program you will get the opportunity to take an idea from dream to reality with the help of proven leaders in our Jackson community.


time: Tuesday, 6:30-8pm
contact: Ben Redmond (
hub coin: 100 per session

YAB serves as program advisors to The Hub Board of Directors. YAB approves new programs, funds grants, and leads an evaluation to provide future program recommendations. YAB is a vital leadership role that drives The Hub’s success and supports The Hub’s mission to be a youth-driven organization.

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