Interested in registering? Here’s the skinny:

The event will be held at Cascades park on the north side of the Cascades (linked below). The best place to park is the parking lot located near the bandshell.

Link to HubLaps location: HERE

The schedule is below. If you are interested in registering for multiple categories – awesome! Do it!

Our form only allows one registration at a time. *So* you will need to fill out the registration/pay for each category that you plan to participate in. e.g. if you want to participate in 2 categories, register and pay 2 times.

6-6:30: Run/Walk (all runners and walkers welcome!)
7-7:30: CX/Mountain Biking

Juniors (14 & under) race for free and your younger kids are welcome to bring their bikes to ride the course during the fun run/walk or in-between races as long as they’re supervised.

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