Hub Studios are where teenagers can develop as musicians and artists.

The Hub music studio allows teenagers to record their music, take music lessons, and learn the art of music production. The Hub art studio allows teenagers to create art, learn new art skills, or just play around and create something new. See below for more details.



time: Monday & Thursday, 3-8pm
contact: Justin Davis (
hub coin: 100 per session

The studio is open for our students to write and record their original music.



time: Tuesday, 4-6pm
contact: Justin Davis (
hub coin: 100 per session

Learn to use professional music production software along with hardware instruments in this introductory workshop. Compose songs, and make beats like the ones you listen to and love.



time: Wednesday, 5:30-7pm

contact: Brooke Pieske (

hub coin: 100 per session

Learn to take incredible pictures with your phone or camera along with basic editing software. At the end of the program you will receive a photo book made up of your very own images from the class.



time: Wednesday, 4-6 pm

contact: Justin Davis (

hub coin: 100 per session

Perfect for singers, rappers, and instrumentalists – learn the art of crafting melodies, lyrics, and harmony. Let us teach you what makes a great song.



time: Thursday & Friday, 4-6pm

contact: Brooke Pieske (

hub coin: 100 per session

If you love Pinterest and Etsy, this is your chance to learn how to design cool stuff! You’ll be making stuff for The Hub, but you’ll also have idea that you can use in your rooms. For those of you who like digital design, you will have the opportunity to learn basic software for making backgrounds, wallpapers, and other images.



time: Monday, Thursday, Friday, 3-8pm

contact: Ben Redmond (

hub coin: 100 per session

The art studio is open for you to paint, draw, or create.


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  1. We are interested in the music programs but your link to sign up doesnt work for me

    1. Hi Gracen! I see last year you mentioned an interest in the music programs at The Hub. If you’re still interested in Hub Programs, please email We’d love to connect you!

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