HOW DO I REGISTER MY CHILD FOR THE HUB? Simple – register online here. You will get an email with a copy of your completed registration form verifying your registration!

WHAT ARE THE AGES ALLOWED AT THE HUB? We welcome any students in 6th-12th grades.

HOW DO I REGISTER FOR PROGRAMS? You can register for all of our programs here. If you have questions about a specific program, head to the, “what we do” section of the website and click on the program title.

IS THE HUB A FAITH BASED ORGANIZATION? Yes we are. We are committed to demonstrating the love of Jesus in practical ways that empower young people. With that said, the Hub is open to all youth of Jackson, and there is absolutely no religious requirement to participate in what we offer.

ARE THERE RULES AT THE HUB? We have one rule at the Hub: Show Respect! We expect everyone here to respect our staff, the other youth who attend, and even our building. Any young person who cannot show respect will be asked to leave.

CAN I RENT THE HUB? The Hub is available for graduation parties, birthday parties, and other events. Click here to start a reservation.

WHO CAN I CONTACT IF I HAVE QUESTIONS? The first point of contact for additional questions is Jess Hulbert. You can contact her here, and she’ll get you connected.

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