Music & Art

Hub studios are where teenagers can develop as musicians and artists.

The Hub music studio allows teenagers to record their music, take music lessons, and learn the art of music production. For more detailed information about the music studio, click here.  To reserve the studio for a recording session, click here.

The Hub art studio allows teenagers to create art, learn new art skills, or just play around and create something new. For more detailed information about the art studio, click here. To reserve the art studio, click here.

Exceptional Artists:

We offer free six-week art classes throughout the school year. Each class focuses on a different medium or skill. Additionally, we have an Art Camp the first week of August, pictures below are from the art camp help this past August.

Exceptional Musicians:

We offer three-week introductory lessons in guitar, drums, and piano. Through our partnership with Playford Music, teens that complete our program can also take additional private lessons. Teens can also join one of our bands or work on our sound or video production teams.



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