Hub Cinema Reports #1

For our very first Hub Cinema Report we chose two movies that seem to have fallen between the cracks this year. Every once in a while Spontaneous and Thunder Force show up on the radar of popular TikTokers or in our Facebook newsfeed from sketchy reporting sources, but for the most part these two movies have been hiding from the spotlight. Hub Cinema Report is here to share our thoughts and opinions on not only the films themselves, but the general story lines, the actor portrayals, and anything else that we can think of!

Spontaneous (2020)

*FUN FACT* The star of this movie, Katherine Langford, also plays Hannah Baker in the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why.

  • Rated R – Teenage Alcohol/Drug Use, Crude Language, Blood
  • IMDB – 6.5/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes – 98%
  • Metacritic – 78
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Sc-fi
  • Gen Z
  • Romance
Streaming Platforms (Subscriptions)
  • Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • Sling TV
  • Philo
  • DirectTV


The basis of this story is that high school students in the suburb are literally exploding into giant bloody messes and nobody can figure out why. There’s no rhyme or reason to who blows up or when they do (other than they’re high school students), it just becomes something that happens on a fairly regular basis. Eventually, everyone is expected to continue on with their normal lives, essentially ignoring the fact that the classmates around them are dying. The main character, Mara, seems to be the only one fully questioning the severity of what is happening.

The director, Brian Duffield, chose to showcase this book to movie adaptation by doing what he could to pull the viewer directly into the storyline. He did this by including multiple 4th wall breaks and shoutouts to other youth-drama classics such as E.T and Carrie. Many scenes make it easy to guess who is going to blow up next, which may deter potential watchers due to the repetition, but ultimately the predictability is what creates the aesthetic of the film.

Hub Report

Spontaneous will be a good fit for viewers who enjoy teen-drama movies and don’t mind crass language or suggestive material including alcohol and drug use. There is also a plethora of blood shown, but in a more comedic way rather than a horrific way like you would see in a film such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This motion picture lives up to its R Rating, so viewer discretion is absolutely advised. If you enjoy high school cliches, teen romances full of sarcasm, conveniently timed explosions, and endings that leave you in wonder, then you will surely appreciate this movie!

Thunder Force (2021)

*FUN FACT* Melissa McCarthy is married to the Director of Thunder Force, Ben Falcone. They have worked together on 10 films!

  • PG-13 – Action/Violence, Language, Mild Suggestive Material
  • IMDB – 4.4/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes – 21%
  • Metacritic – 34
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Exciting
  • Girl Power
Streaming Platforms (Subscriptions)
  • Netflix


It’s probably safe to say that the majority of us know Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer for both their comedic and sincere roles in movies past. In Thunder Force, both of these actresses bring their specialties to light.

Lydia and Emily are estranged childhood friends living in a world where supervillains are commonplace. Emily has the smarts, while Lydia has the sass. After a special treatment gives them both powers, they become an improbable duo ready to fight crime on the streets of Chicago.

Throughout the movie there are a handful of comedic bits portrayed superbly by McCarthy, Spencer and their supporting actors. One scene shows the two awkwardly trying to exit a fancy car, and another references Urkle from the show Family Matters. Jason Bateman plays his piece as the uncomfortable, unsure of his place supervillain, The Crab, exceptionally well also.

The soundtrack for Thunder Force is noteworthy too. It’s filled with 70’s and 80’s hits because that’s when the main characters grew up together. The Cranberries, AC/DC, Glenn Frey, Seal and more are featured in this film.

Hub Report

If you’re a fan of the Marvel or DC Universes, this movie may leave something to be wanted for you. The universe that this movie portrays has a back story that we don’t hear much about and leaves many questions to be answered. Why are miscreants only in Chicago? How are there so many villains and not a single hero? What is The Crab’s backstory?… Etc. However, if you don’t go into the film expecting the entire history of this world, then it can definitely be entertaining. There are are few choice swear words here and there, and violence/action are the main plot of the movie, but this is all done in a comedic way which helps create an ultimately uplifting movie.

Have you seen either of these movies yet? If you have, what were your thoughts? If you haven’t, will you watch them after reading our reviews? We’re genuinely looking forward to this new series on our blog, please let us know what other movies you’d like us to review!

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