Summer is Coming!

Summer is near! Kayak rides down the river, toes in the sand, fishing on the lake, late night bonfires, swims in the ocean, it’s all so close we can almost smell it! The school year isn’t over yet though. Let’s chat about how we finish this one off strong so you can enter the summer on a high note!

Keep The Positivity

Staying positive can be extremely hard when it’s so close to summertime and you’re stuck in school. So what can you do to keep the positivity going? Practice a positive mindset. In everything you do, look at the cup half full rather than half empty. Have a 10 page paper due at the end of the week? Better than 12 pages plus 4 sheets of math homework. Have to clean your room before hanging out with friends? Thank goodness that’s all you have to do! Walk into class with your head held high thinking about all of the good that can come of the day, rather than sulking to your seat upset about what may come. The mindset that you have is ultimately the thing that keeps your positivity strong.

Stay Focused

Another difficult task; Keeping focused. Even when it’s not near the end of the school year this can be a challenge. Try anyway! Ever heard the saying, “You can do anything you put your mind to”? Sure, easier said than done, but definitely not impossible! Try writing everything that you need to complete down on sticky notes or in a notebook. Staying organized is a great way to keep focus. You can even try to complete tasks ahead of time to stay on top of things. I know, sounds super boring and like too much work, but the more focused you are and the sooner you get things done, the faster summer will come. (Or it will seem faster anyway). Keep chugging along, you’ll get there!


Yes, even before school is out you can celebrate! What have you done this year that is worth celebrating? Passed a difficult test? Scored a PR? Played a difficult piece in band? Woke up? Got dressed? Ate lunch at a reasonable hour? Completed a video game? Got your driver’s license? Read a new book? Made new friends? Turned in your homework on time? Learned to ride a skateboard? Found a new hobby? Started a new job? Received a raise? Bought a car?

No matter how big or how small it seems to you, an accomplishment is worth celebrating! Take some time for yourself and think about the good that you’ve done this year then give yourself some praise. Buy yourself the larger ice cream, take a full day to chill, throw a party, do something you love, because really, you deserve it!!


Finally, take a moment to reflect on the past school year. It’s been a crazy one for sure! What were your highs and lows? The best part? Worst part? What are you happy to leave behind, and what will you miss the most? Who was most prominent in your life over the past 9 months? What teacher made the biggest impact on you? What was the coolest thing you learned about? What was your most boring class? Did you make new friends? Lose old ones? What were some of the most memorable conversations that you had?

Reflection can be a great way, in any part of life, to close one door and open the next. What did you learn about yourself, the world, and those around you over the past year? Take that information and apply it into the next chapter of your life. Maybe you’ve discovered the type of people you don’t want to hang out with, or you’ve had a revelation that you really do enjoy chemistry and can imagine entering a STEM career. Every choice you make and every concept that you learn shapes the very being that you are. So reflect on that and start visualizing your future self!

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