The Hub A-Z

The Hub is a safe place where teens can come to hang out and have some fun after school. We offer a multitude of specialized programs and activities that can be both fun and educational. It’s come to our attention though that there may be some things about us you don’t know. So we came up with this A-Z list with some of the exciting things you can find here at The Hub!

A – Acceptance

B – Books “Also board games, but that’s two words. Our Commons Program has quite a few board games that you can play with your friends. Our blog, (hey, another B word!), often posts book reviews and recommendations. You can even write for our blog if you’d like!”

C – Compassion

D – Diversity “Another possibility, Dance. That’s right, we have a dance program coming this summer. Sign up soon!”

E – Education

F – Friends “F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me… Well, you know how the song goes. Friendships are created and often grow and blossom here at The Hub!”

G – Gardening “Yes! Starting this summer we will have a gardening program as well. How fun?!”

H – Happiness

I – Ingenuity

J – Judgement Free “Okay…It’s two words. But hey, I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me for it!”

K – Kickback “Need a place to chill after school? Our Commons Program is perfect for just that. Come kickback and relax with us for a few hours.”

L – Listeners “Every person on staff here has a great set of listening ears. Come on up to any one of us, we’d love to chat with you!”

M – Moms “Do you know about our Hub Moms program? It’s our educational program for teen moms. We provide childcare and the resources you need to finish school online. Ask Khristian for more info!”

N – Numerous “Programs, games, people, friends, activities, ideas etc. We have plenty to do and share here.”

O – Originality

P – Passion “For people, for work, for friends, for each other, for pretty much anything that you can find here at The Hub!”

Q – Quality

R – Robotics “Another program starting this summer. If you love tinkering with mechanics or want to learn more about coding, this program is perfect for you!”

S – Safety “We do our part here daily to keep everyone safe.”

T – Trustworthy

U – Unique

V – Versatile “Also Video Games, but again, two words…”

W – Worthwhile

X – Xenodochial “Definition – Friendly to strangers. Didn’t think you’d be learning new vocabulary in this post did ya? We love when you bring new people to The Hub. We promise not to stay strangers for long!”

Y – Yearlong “Sure we have a few breaks for Holidays and whatnot here and there, but for the most part you can come hang with us Mon-Fri throughout the entire year!”

Z – Zeal “Also known as energy or enthusiasm; we swear you’ll find plenty of this around The Hub!”

Questions anyone?? Ask away! Also, be sure to let us know, what’s your favorite part about The Hub?

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