Over on Twitter this week we posted a couple of quotes from famous authors that focused on productivity, so of course we’re running with that theme on the blog as well. After spending some time researching and choosing our favorite inspirational quotes that can help you feel productive and stop procrastinating, we compiled them together on this post with little snippits of our own encouragement to go along with them.

Key word – Commitment. Staying committed to an end goal is the epitome of productivity. It can be hard, but it’s not impossible!

While this quote may not directly say anything about productivity or procrastination, discipline is a great attribute to help with both of these things. If you can practice self-control and work towards a goal rather than watch another episode of your current binge-worthy television show, procrastination will be thrown out the window and you’ll be able to get so much more completed.

Another quote that goes along really well with this one, “Just do it” – Shia LaBeouf. Shia’s motivational video is at the bottom of this post. Watch it! It seems kind of silly, but it can definitely be inspirational. Plus, it’s only a minute long, what do you have to lose?

Eating healthier, exercising more, finishing an outdoor project, saving money; All goals that can be worked towards starting today. Put if off until tomorrow, and the tomorrows just keep coming. Before you know it, a year later and your goal won’t be met. So start today, even if it’s something small. You’ve got this!

Did you know we posted a blog a couple weeks ago all about SMART Goals? You should definitely check it out if you’re struggling with procrastination or productivity. Honestly, you can have a million plans or goals that you want to achieve, but you’ll never reach them if you don’t have a plan set in place.

A great question to ask yourself every time that you’re about to put something else off until later because you don’t want to do it now, or you’ll just be doing it wrong. When will you have time to do it again? If you will have a chance, then schedule it, if you won’t, do it now and get it done right the first time!

Not just the sofa; The bed, the TV, the recliner, the phone, the computer, the social media. The list goes on. Try to limit the things in your life that aren’t benefiting your ultimate goals. Easier said than done, but we believe in you. Just do it!

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