Bringing Kindness Into 2021

Let’s start off 2021 right by bringing more kindness into the world! In general, the American culture equates kindness towards others as bringing happiness and peace into the universe. How do we do that though? How is it possible that one person can bring joy and peace to many? Sure there are some big ticket actions we can take to do this; Being polite, expressing gratitude, offering forgiveness, or lending a listening ear are all great ways, but how does that all work together to bring more kindness into the entire world? Let’s have a chat and see what we can come up with!

Say Thank You

Have you ever heard the saying, “An apology can go a long way”? Well, the same is true with a thank you. Helping others to feel appreciated can bring a ton of kindness into the world. Saying thanks to your cashier, your parents, your teachers, your siblings, your pastor, your neighbor, your friends, or literally anyone else you can think of, is bound to bring more kindness to the world. You know what else? The words ‘thank you’ don’t even necessarily have to come out of your mouth. Appreciation can be said in many ways.

  • “Thank you for grabbing that off of the top shelf for me”
  • “I appreciate you bringing in the groceries so I didn’t have to”
  • “The cleaning you’ve done around the house today has made my life so much easier. You rock!”
  • “I am so grateful that you are a part of my life”
  • “I made this gift for you to show how important you are to me”

Speak Positivity

Speak it into existence. I feel like we’ve been hearing that more and more lately. If you want something to happen, manifest it. Want a good grade on your next test? Tell yourself repeatedly how you’re going to do great on it. Want a job interview to go well? Remind yourself that you are great and deserve it. Want to bring kindness into the world? Speak it out into the universe. Instead of spreading negativity, share positivity!

Say this…

  • Your hard work is really paying off!
  • That outfit looks great on you!
  • Good thinking, let’s expand on that!
  • What a fun way to spend our time.
  • I care about you.
  • It’s time for a change. I’m ready for it!
  • I’m proud of you.

Instead of this…

  • Could you work a little harder please?
  • She’s looking kinda drab today…
  • How dumb!
  • I’m over it, this is a waste of my time.
  • You’re a pain in my butt.
  • I’m not loving the way my life is going.
  • (Nothing at all)

Find a Way to Forgive

Forgiveness is hard. It can even seem completely impossible at times. I’m by no means here to tell you how to live your life, and I promise that I’m not perfect, however, I will tell you that forgiveness can set you free of so many negative feelings that you may not even know you have. It can be a process and may take a long time and plenty of talking it out, but if you’re able to find it in yourself to forgive, it will be so much easier to be kind.

Share a Smile

We know that yawns can be contagious right? Well, if you didn’t, let me tell you something… Yawns can be contagious! Now you know! You know what else? Smiles can be contagious too! Sharing a smile with someone, whether you know them or not, is such an easy way to bring kindness into the world. Not to mention, if you do it often enough, you’ll start smiling without even having to think about it, ultimately bringing happiness to yourself as well! Try it out sometime!

Now how does all of this fit together? The domino effect, chain of events, the ripple effect, cause and effect; All synonyms for the same idea. Doing one thing causes something else to happen. Take a look at the list from this post. Doing one of these things can easily cause another to happen. Tell your cashier thanks and they may head home to their spouse with a smile on their face, spreading the joy to their partner who had a bad day. Forgive your enemy and bring yourself inner peace. Let your coworker know that they’re doing great work and they may continue that and tell another coworker how much they appreciate them. Smile at a stranger and you could turn their whole day around. Not only is it possible for you to bring kindness and joy to others in 2021, but by doing so it’s possible that you’ll bring more joy into your own life as well. Try it out this year, and keep it going! Because honestly, is there such a thing as too much kindness? I’m thinking not!

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