Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the season we decided that our blog post today should focus on thankfulness and gratitude. For some of you these emotions may come easily, but for others it may be difficult to express or feel these things. So let’s talk about some of the ways we can communicate and accept gratitude in our lives!

Feel It

Many times when thinking of thankfulness we expect it to be provided by other’s actions. We want to be thankful for what others do or say, and unfortunately there will be times in our lives where that just doesn’t happen. This can lead to feelings of loneliness or defeat, which is definitely not something most people want to feel, especially around the holidays! How can you feel it though when things are looking gloomy? Find gratitude for yourself. Don’t rely on others and their actions for your own emotions. What do you do that makes you proud? What have you done that is important? What do you own that you love? It can be literally anything! Say it out loud, and really let yourself feel it.

“I am thankful for the clothes on my back.”
“I am thankful for my favorite TV show.”
“I am thankful for my dog.”
“I am thankful that I woke up this morning.”
“I am thankful for my family’s support.”

Say It

Speaking your gratitudes out loud can help solidify them. Some of them may seem silly, but you shouldn’t let other people’s perception decide your emotions. If you’re thankful for blue paint on your bedroom walls, say it. If mashed potatoes are your favorite food in the world and you can’t imagine life without them, say it. If your favorite TV show just got renewed for a new season and you’re ecstatic about it, say it. Don’t be ashamed of your emotions and what creates them. Say them out loud, and show others that gratitude doesn’t have to be saved only for the big things!

“I am thankful for green grass.”
“I am thankful for pumpkin pie.”
“I am thankful for long novels.”
“I am thankful for silly cartoons.”
“I am thankful for you!”

Show It

We don’t all know how to express our feelings and that’s okay! Saying that you are appreciative to others is a great start, but you can also show it by doing things for those in your life, or even yourself. Write a letter to a loved one, buy a gift for a friend, clean up without being asked, do something for yourself that you enjoy. Show that you’re grateful and share the love!

“You are important to me.”
“I am thankful that you are in my life.”
“Thank you for showing me love.”
“Thank you for taking out the trash.”
“Thank you for spending time with me.”

Share It

Feeling, saying and showing gratitude all work together to help share thankfulness with one another. Whether you’re with your siblings, friends, extended family, schoolmates or literally anyone else, try and make an effort to spread the gratitude that you feel in your life. Let’s make an effort to make the world a happier place, after all, sharing is caring right?!

“Thank you for being a part of my life.”
“Thank you for cooking today.”
“Thank you for smiling.”
“Thank you for hugging me.”
“Thank you for being a role model.”

It is human nature to crave happiness and joy. Feeling gratitude, saying it aloud, showing others, and sharing it with everyone is bound to bring you, and those around you, joy. So, tell us, what are you thankful for today?

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