What Hobby Fits You?

Drawing, horse riding, archery, writing, cooking, and skating are all hobbies you’ve probably heard of before. What else is there though? There are an infinite amount of hobbies and activities out there that you could take part in so we decided to compile a list of some of the most unique ones we could think of. Whether you’re looking to pick up a new skill or simply want to explore some options, read ahead and let us know what peaks your interest!

Competitive Duck Herding

Sheepdogs will herd pretty much anything if you let them, so why not ducks? This is a hobby that people love because it combines skills in teamwork, communication, and listening. While there doesn’t seem to be any duck herding groups around Michigan, you can definitely create your own or simply do it by yourself! Check out https://www.eventsorganised.co.uk/duck-herding to learn a little more.


Line Dancing

Puppetry – The art of operating puppets

Stone Skipping

Acroyoga – A combination of yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage


Foraging is essentially searching for wild food resources. While often done by wild animals, we can do it too! Head out to the woods and search for mushrooms, fruits, or greens. Please make sure not to eat anything unless you are absolutely positive that it isn’t harmful or poisonous to you! Check out this Ultimate Foraging Guide for more ideas; https://www.moneycrashers.com/foraging-guide-edible-wild-plants-food/

Sand Art – Modeling sand into art. Think of intricate sand castles on the beach

Clay Pigeon Shooting – A shooting sport where one shoots a firearm at special flying targets


Leaf Collecting and Pressing

Muay Thai

This is a form of close-combat that is native to Thailand. It is often referred to as Thai Boxing. Check out; https://www.tigermuaythai.com/about-muay-thai/history to learn a bit more about it’s history!


Are you a big Star Wars fan? Then you might already know what this one is. Ludosport is the International Network of Sporting Light Saber Combat. https://www.ludosport.net/?lang=en has all of the information you could possibly need if you’re interested in beginning this hobby!

Star Gazing

Fell Running – Running and racing off road up a difficult gradient


Spear Fishing

Maple Tree Tapping – The process of extracting maple from a tree


Have you ever watched those satisfying videos on YouTube or TikTok of people power washing away years of dirt and grime? You can totally do that too! Of course you’ll need to purchase the equipment which can range anywhere from about $80 to multiple thousands of dollars, but it can be worth it. This hobby can easily be turned into a job. Most people don’t want to spend money on something they will only use a few times, so instead they hire someone else to power wash their house, driveway, patio or other things for them. Think of it as an investment. A super satisfying investment!


Sandboarding – Riding across or down a sand dune while standing on a board


Conworlding – The creation of fantasy worlds

Boat Making

World Record Breaking

Did you know there are currently over 40,000 world records in the Guinness World Record’s database? https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/records/hall-of-fame/ showcases some of the most popular ones, but with that many records, surely you can find something that peaks your interest. Maybe there are multiple you want to take a shot at. Either way, world record breaking is an achievement you can strive for and that you can turn into a great hobby.


Another trend that seems to be all over TikTok currently is felting. This is the process of taking loose wool and turning it into something more solid. Annette Browning has written a piece that proves to be a great beginners guide for this hobby. Check it out at https://www.fiberartsy.com/felting-a-beginners-guide/


Knapping – Stone Tool Making

Lapidary – Engraving, cutting, or polishing stones and gems

Hatchet Throwing

Storm Chasing


While collecting seems like a basic hobby to pick up, the options are seriously infinite with this one. Stickers, bugs, leaves, rocks, stamps, marbles, currency, plants, towels, rubber ducks, metal trinkets, glass bottles, cards, pins. Seriously, the list goes on! Find something you love and search for the coolest and most unique pieces to add to your collection.

Deltiology – The study and collection of postcards

Speed Reading

Trekking – Walking for more than a day at a time

Flower Pressing

Soap Sculpting


Do you love reptiles or amphibians? Then Herping might be perfect for you. Essentially this is the act of searching for these types of creatures. Simply head outside and search! Check out https://nature.discoveryplace.org/blog/ask-a-naturalist-what-is-herping for some friendly reminders and tips on this hobby.

Dandyism – Placing importance upon physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies

Candle Making

Speed Walking

Noodling – Fishing for catfish with your bare hands

Honestly, we could go on for days listing off different hobbies that are out there, but that would probably get pretty boring after awhile! We want to hear from you though, what is your favorite hobby? Or what is something that interests you??

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