Hub DIY – Mug Display

This week’s edition of Hub DIY features a modern way to display your mug collection. This one can be done super cheap with supplies from the Dollar Tree, or you can spend a few extra bucks and create a project that is a little higher quality and can hold more weight. We used a mixture of supplies and will let you know throughout this post what worked best for us!

Items Needed

Dollar Tree Supplies

  1. 2 Mops or Brooms (If you did the previous DIY with us, use the left over one(s) from that project.
  2. 3-5 Over the Door Hangers
  3. Black Acrylic Paint
  4. Paint Brush (If using acrylic)
  5. Black Zip Ties
  6. Super Glue
  7. Greenery/Decor
  8. Black Marker

Extra Supplies

  1. Hammer
  2. Needle Nose Pliers
  3. Low Grit Sandpaper
  4. Mod Podge or Spray on Protective Coat

Alternative Supplies

High end Acrylic Paint or Spray Paint

E6000 Glue or Hot Glue

Black Sharpie

First step, gather your supplies! Getting everything in place before starting your project can help things run so much smoother when you begin working on it. After you have everything situated, take the mop heads off of the poles, we will only be using the poles for this project. Then, use the pliers to flatten out the top of the over the door hangers. Next use a hammer to smash it flat!

Now it’s time to get everything ready to paint. If using acrylic paint this step is extremely important. Sand everything down with a low grit sand paper, this will help the paint stick the to metal. If you decide to use spray paint try to find one with primer added in already (like the ones pictured below). This isn’t mandatory, but again it will help the paint stick better.

After sanding everything down you can either paint or assemble your piece. We painted before assembling thinking it would be easier, but it caused the paint to chip when it came to putting things together, meaning we had to put on another coat of paint anyway, so we recommend assembling first. We used 3 over the door hangers for our display and placed them at 1in, 16in and 32in from the top. (The black marker is to help mark where each row will go before painting).

After deciding where each row would go, we glued them down and zipped tied them on to keep them extra secure. We used E6000 glue for extra hold. Assemble one side at a time so your piece isn’t rolling around too much. After the glue dries, cut the excess on the zip ties.

Back to the painting now! The next picture shows our piece after 2 coats of the acrylic paint from the dollar tree. It chips extremely easily and struggled to stick even after sanding everything down. With multiple coats plus a protective coat like Mod Podge or something similar, this paint could work. However we decided to spend the extra money on a spray paint and went over our initial coats of the dollar tree paint with it. As you can see in the second picture this worked much better. Not to mention it went faster as well!

Because we knew this piece would get plenty of use, we also decided to go over it with a clear finish in hopes that it would bring extra protection.

Now everything should be assembled and painted, the last thing to do is add a little pizzazz! The great thing about this piece is that the extra décor doesn’t have to be permanent, you can change it with the season. Garland, greenery, ornaments, and flowers are all great options to give it some character. Of course we came up with a few ideas, so check them out on our finished product below!

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