Handling Election Day Emotions

It’s election day! While you may or may not be old enough to vote, it is likely that you have an opinion on the nominees this year. Even if you don’t, the people around you do, and that can often lead to strong emotional situations. So, today we want to talk about how to effectively handle some emotions or situations that may come to fruition throughout today, and even after this election is said and done.  

Family Quarrels

This is a big one for many. Family quarrels can happen for numerous reasons, political elections are just one of them. Today, one of the most important things to remember is that everyone is allowed to have their own opinions! The great thing about The United States of America is that we are diverse in not only our culture, but our thoughts, beliefs and goals. We are allowed the freedom to think and say what we want, and we should be able to do that without fear of repercussion. So when it comes to family quarrels, remember that all opinions are valid, even if they differ from your own. When arguing and discussing opinions, keep it constructive. Don’t simply bash the other person for not believing in the same things that you do. Instead try and understand the other person’s reasoning, then try to express the reasoning behind your decisions as well. Of course this isn’t a fix all because you can’t control what other people say or how they act, but you can control YOU. So that is ultimately the first step, decide to control your half of the story in a way that won’t cause extended quarrels.

Depression and Stress

It is so easy to become sad and stressed around election time, especially this year when we have the Covid-19 pandemic looming over our shoulders as well. It may help you knowing that there are many people in the same boat as you who are feeling extra down in the dumps today, but even if that doesn’t help much, focus on you and whatever brings you joy today. If you’re old enough to vote, then do that, and afterwards do things that make YOU happy. Turn off the TV, radio, and social media for a bit to stray away from mainstream media. Light some candles and take a hot bath. Go out to play some basketball with your friends. Or stay in and play Call of Duty and Fortnite. Read a book, sing a song, paint a picture. Need more direction? Check out our 5 Unique Ways to Relax blog post from last week. Whatever you do today, make sure it’s something that brings you joy and comfort. We can all use a little break sometimes, and today is the perfect day to do it!


The election today isn’t only for the President and Vice President. There are many other names on the ballot for seats in the Senate, House of Representatives, and many local positions as well. Not to mention the different proposals that may be up in your area. Chances are that not every single person you want to win will actually win. Some may, but with the amount of people running in different categories it is likely that not all of them will. Try not to turn your emotions into a destructive anger when this happens. It is ok to be upset or sad, but letting our anger damage relationships or property around us doesn’t really benefit anybody. Instead take that anger and turn it into something constructive. Become the person that makes change in your area. Bring what is important to you to the forefront of your conversations. Spread the word about important matters. Know that YOU can make a change in this world!


Happiness isn’t the first emotion most people think of when discussing election day, but it is bound to come if your preferred candidates win. It’s ok to bask in the happiness for a while, it may even bring you some relief, but don’t let it get to your head. Just as anger can be destructive, so can happiness. Rubbing the win into other’s faces or gloating all over social media that you know best and that your person won is not productive and benefits essentially no one. So again, be constructive! Have discussions with others about your happiness, and listen to their concerns. Build each other up and expand your horizons when thinking about the change that your candidate and yourself can incur. Of course there will always be some who may rub their wins in your face, but now is the time to be the bigger person and stand your ground. YOU can be the good in the world, don’t give that chance up. 

So today we leave you with this quote from @cleeryelystated on Instagram, 

“Whoever becomes president, our honor is due. Some of us will not love who ends up driving the boat, but the truth is this: We are riding on it. Our prayers, hope, and participation must remain intact.” 

Regardless of the election results, do what you can to make this life great. You can’t control everything, but you can control YOU.

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