17 Seriously Last Minute Costume Ideas

Halloween is tomorrow, how did that happen so fast?! Today is the day procrastinators need to unite and share our last minute costume ideas! Whether you’re going to a party, trick-or-treating, or just chilling out at home, our hope is that this list of 17 last minute costumes will help inspire you to be creative tomorrow when dressing up.

1. Burrito

Hello?? Yum! This one is super easy and only requires as much DIY skill as you want to put into it. A tan shirt with silver bottoms as your base, and a little felt handiwork around your collar makes it! Don’t have silver bottoms? Wrap yourself in tinfoil, it’s more realistic that way anyway.

2. Raining Men

Throw on your rain gear and grab an umbrella because it’s raining men! Print out some of your favorite headshots from your favorite guys and attach them to string in your umbrella. You’ll take The Weather Girls’ hit “It’s Raining Men” to a whole new level this year.

3. Dunkin Donuts

A play on words you say? Nothing wrong with that! Find an old jersey, pick up a basketball, and carry around a donut of some sort. A real one, a pool floatie, even one that you draw on a piece of paper or print out will work for this one!

4. Sea Anemone

Who here loves Finding Nemo and Finding Dory? Now I don’t know about you, but I have no idea how to make a fish costume, but a sea anemone? Easy peasy! Blow up a bunch of long pink balloons and attach them near the knot onto your shirt with a safety pin. I honestly don’t know how it can get any easier than that.

5. Formal Apology

A super easy and punny costume, formal apology. Have a formal outfit that you bought for one occasion and haven’t had the opportunity to wear again? This is the costume for you. Throw it on and create a sash or sign that says apology. Halloween is a great reason to dig out your best attire and wear it out!

6. Bubble Bath

Another costume with balloons?? I know, but they’re cheap and easy, so why not?! A bunch of white balloons safety pinned to your shirt and a shower cap make a quick and easy bubble bath costume. Maybe even add a rubber ducky in there somewhere to make it a little more fun.

7. Bread Winner

Some old medals and a loaf of bread, that’s literally all you need for this one. The medals don’t even have to be 1st place ones!

8. Green with Envy

Remember when I said it can’t get any easier than a sea anemone? I was wrong. This costume is perfect for the duo that loves puns. One person wears green, the next wears a shirt that you write envy on. That’s it. Surely, that’s the easiest one out there.

9. Carole Baskin

Surely we all know who Carole Baskin is by now right? Star of the Netflix documentary “Tiger King”? You know the song, “Carole Baskin, killed her husband, whacked him”..? Yeah, her! Throw on some cheetah print and a flower crown and you’re good! Don’t be surprised if you see other look-alikes when you’re out and about this year though!

10. Blessing in Disguise

This costume is great because you can do so many things with it! The base will be a shirt with the word blessing on it, and then you can do pretty much whatever you want from there. Any old Halloween masks or costumes, some random fabric you have laying around used as a cape, or maybe even some face makeup thrown on can all create a “disguise” for your blessing!

11. Hawaiian Punch

This one is sure to keep your friends guessing! Throw on your favorite Hawaiian inspired shirt, a lei, maybe even a straw hat and some boxing gloves. You are now one of your favorite childhood drinks, Hawaiian punch!

12. Smarty Pants

I swear, the longer we go the easier these get! Tape, glue, or safety pin some smarties candies on your pants. That’s it. You’re a smarty pants. Genius! No pun intended…

13. Ketchup and Mustard

Another great duo costume, ketchup and mustard! One person wears all yellow, while the other wears all red. To create the toppers paint a paper plate to match your color and create the cone shape with construction paper, then attach with bobby pins. You can even do this one by yourself if you want to as just one condiment. Or maybe you have an extra person, add relish!

14. Bat

This one is pretty simple too. Well, who am I kidding, all of these are pretty simple! For this bat, dress yourself head to toe in black, using foam or construction paper to create ears. Then cut a black umbrella in half, line the edges with black electrical tape to help them fold, and attach to your sleeves with safety pins or hot glue. Boom. Done!

15. Pop Art Character

If you’re a little more artsy this could be a great costume for you. You can use any clothes you have, or even old costumes, and create a look using makeup. Dark lines and white spots can make you look like a character from your favorite comic book!

16. Cranberry Juice-Drinking Skateboarding Guy

@Doggface208, Nathan Apodaca, took TikTok by storm this year. He’s just riding his skateboard, drinking his juice and living his best life! Throw on a grey hoodie, grab some cranberry juice and a skateboard, maybe even throw on some fake tattoos and join him this Halloween!

17. Costume Not Found

Maybe you’re not a big fan of dressing up, no worries! Take an old white t-shirt and write “Error 404: Costume Not Found” on it. Not only do you get to be funny with a geeky computer pun, but you’ll satisfy the “requirements” of dressing up!


Worst case scenario, throw your jack-o-lantern on your head and call it good. Don’t forget to blow out the candle first though!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments below, or leave us a picture, we would love to see your costumes!

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