#HubStory: Origins

The Hub started with one young person. I don’t his name, but I’ll never forget him.

He was walking down the sidewalk outside of my house after school one day. My house is located on the main pathway between the biggest high school and middle school in town, so there are often kids walking. Normally teens walk in clusters: laughing, being loud, and enjoying the freedom that comes with the end of the school day.  The young man I saw wasn’t part of a cluster, and he wasn’t laughing. He was walking alone. He was walking slowly with his head down. The kind of steps that you take when the day has kicked you in the face a few times. As I watched him walk down the sidewalk, I asked myself a question that has become the driving motivation of my life:

“Is anyone fighting for this kid?”

Now I don’t know his story, and I could be reading a lot into his walk and demeanor. But over the past twenty years of working with teens, I’ve learned to spot a kid who feels lonely and defeated. It’s not always easy to find them – very few of them want to stand up and articulate their loneliness. Which means that the only way these kids get a support system is if someone figures out how to provide it. This is why we started the Hub.  We started the Hub because we believe that every young person deserves to be supported. We started the Hub because every young person should have someone in their corner, fighting for them. We started the Hub because the world in which we live isn’t fair – and some kids get a lot more support than others.

As we continue to develop the Hub and expand our programs, we refuse to lose sight of that one kid who is walking alone. If you volunteer at the Hub, you can help that one kid come alive – personally, locally, and globally. If you support the Hub financially, you can help hundreds of those kids by bridging the opportunity gap so that everyone gets a shot to become the best version of themselves. This is what drives us at the Hub. If you’d like to talk more about how you might be involved, contact ben@hubjackson.org.

You can make a difference in a local teen’s life; all they need is someone willing to fight for them.

Ben Redmond, Executive Director

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