3 Reasons I Started The Hub Teen Center


As we begin our third school year of activity at the Hub, I am struck by a sense of gratitude.  We have been privileged to do some amazing things over the past couple of years, and I believe we are still getting started.  I am often asked why I chose to start the Hub Teen Center, and I find a few things surfacing in response to those questions:

1. Because it was needed

This was the biggest factor for me when starting the Hub Teen Center.  I had spent several years watching teens in our city wander and gather in locations that were not interested in having them around.  I came to the belief (and I still believe) that Jackson needs safe places where teenagers can be developed into great people.  This need has always been one of my driving motivations.

2. Because I had help

This point cannot be overstated.  The Hub is not me, and it never has been.  The Hub is thousands of supporters, hundreds of financial givers, and over 50 staff and volunteers.  The Hub has always been a collaboration, and that collaboration is one of the sources of strength.  I may be the guy who talks about the Hub from a stage, but I will never be the source of the Hub’s strength or success.

3. Because the future starts with the present

This generation standing in front of us right now is the future of our city, country, and world.  However, they are more than just the future.  This generation represents the present as well.  If we choose to ignore this “future” until it becomes the “present”, we will have waited too long.  If we choose to invest and develop this generation into great people today, the future will be great.

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